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  • do you have at least 3 years experience as a patent searcher?
  • have you found it difficult to gain the confidence of clients whilst working as an independent searcher?
  • do your clients raise privilege issues that you can't solve?
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If you've answered "yes" to any of the above questions, then PATENTSEARCHERS.NET is for you.

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If your membership application is approved, you will enjoy the following benefits:
  1. Get more than just one-shot-only clients. Our website targets technology managers from fortune 500 firms and seeks to interest them in an ongoing relationship involving your searching skills.
  2. Enjoy wearing the "Dr. Patentstein" Seal of Approval, a seal which indicates that not only are you qualified for integrity and experience through our background and reference checks, but you also are capable of using cutting-edge collaboration tools like the Patentstein Browser, Cartagio, and Cartagio Collaboration Centrale.
  3. Don't worry about payment. Patent.Info pays you and guarantees you will be paid for your quality work within 60 days of performance, regardless of whether or not the ultimate client pays.
  4. Enable your clients to benefit from an association with a patent attorney practice.
  5. Benefit from our monthly online marketing campaigns promoting the site to persons most likely to use your services.
  6. Benefit from your online resume being placed in a keyword-searchable database allowing potential clients to zero-in on your particular qualifications.
  7. Work from home, benefiting from the fact that governments will certainly make patent information more and more available via the Internet and thus, more and more available to you in your online searching.

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